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Vision Statement

Gospel values are developed and permeate the total environment of St. Gabriel’s, giving our children an understanding of the Catholic and doctrine.

School Vision (1)

The total development of each child is fostered – spiritually, morally, intellectually emotionally, physically, creatively and socially. Value is placed on the uniqueness of each child and excellence is encouraged from each, according to their ability and potential. Staff, in partnership with the wider community, works to maintain a comprehensive curriculum, which meets the children’s needs in an ever-changing society. Students become active participants in the learning process; they are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions and are provided with a secure, safe and supportive environment.

St Gabriel’s School encourages all the members of its community to participate in the life of the Parish. The school recognises the parents as the prime educators of the children and, as such, St Gabriel’s supports complements and involves parents in an ongoing partnership.

Our School Vision

At St. Gabriel’s school: Gospel values permeate the total environment bringing all to know the love of God. Education of the whole person provides the foundation for lifelong learning. All members of our community are active participants and contributors to the school, parish, local and global community.

Our School Mission

With strength of purpose and gentle spirit, St. Gabriel’s is therefore committed to ensuring we are a welcoming affirming and compassionate catholic community. We strive to build a cooperative learning community which works towards developing each person’s potential.

We believe St. Gabriel’s is a place where:

*Gospel values animate our environment bringing all to know the love of God.
* Learners are empowered with the essential knowledge, skills and capacities for lifelong learning and active citizenship in the school, parish and local community.